'Me me ga ga flo flo'

with ZA! and Blanca Pujols at Fundacio Miro

Our objective is to fill the space with an piece that enables the visitor to experiment with sound in a live form on different levels: the creation of the sound, its alteration and the interaction with other participants.


It consists of a dozen cassette players featuring different vocal recordings (fragments of 'Me me ga ga flo flow') ,as well as various microphones passed through the delay channel on a mixer. Everyone can stop, play,fast forward and rewind any tape to alter the final result, and their voices (or any other sound they wish to emit) will also be incorporated into the mix.


Our sole intention is to use the simplest materials to recreate the sonority of a fictitious community ritual and facilitate the tools with which the participant can

alter and remake the result of the ritual,in real time.

This is a project that we hope will awaken participation and creativity beyond reflection or contemplation. As such, we deliberately dispense with any intellectual or formal focus, given that our interest centres on the more

synthetic, hazardous and comical aspects of experimentation and musical pleasure.

memegagafloflow test - ZA!
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